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The New Yorker Magazine
The New Yorker Magazine
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The New Yorker Magazine é uma revista americana publicada 47 vezes por ano. O preço de uma assinatura anual inclui a entrega em Portugal e sem renovação automática.

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The New Yorker Magazine

The New Yorker: Promotes The Critical Thinker In You

The New Yorker, one of the top magazine in the world is literally the exact destination for you if, you are looking for relevant combination of news reporting, Criticisms, political reviews, cultural affairs, satire, cartoons and so on. Apart from emphasizing articles more on the New York life, this American weekly gives equal prominence to general arts and life which helped it to gain acceptance from the readers all over the world.

This weekly magazine currently has 47 issues each year. The combined issues are published in February, June, July, August, and December which count as 2 issues. Additional combined issues may be published as indicated on the issues’ cover. All the subscriptions will end automatically at the end of the subscribed period and will be renewed unless you choose to.


  • Exceptional commentary and reporting.
  • Insight about popular cultural coverage and current affairs.
  • Innumerable national magazine award for its contributions, than any other magazines.
  • Well known for its cartoon and illustrated topical covers.
  • Considered as the most influential magazine in the world.

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