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Scientific American Magazine
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Scientific American Magazine é uma revista americana publicada 12 vezes por ano. O preço de uma assinatura anual inclui a entrega em Portugal e sem renovação automática.

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Scientific American Magazine

Science Is The Cruise To Astute Destination

Being the oldest continuously publishing monthly magazine in the United States, Scientific American Magazine has provided trustworthy science stories to many generations. Its popularity increased through the articles of many famous scientists including Albert Einstein. The magazine publishes scientific discoveries, breakthroughs and convincing theories which help you to cultivate rational thinking and curiosity. Subscription to Scientific American magazine is a doorway to access all the trending news regarding the scientific matters around you and helps you to navigate the conversation.

This monthly magazine has 12 issues in each year. The frequencies of the number of issues are subjected to change. All the subscriptions will end automatically at the end of the subscribed period and will be renewed unless you choose to.


  • Oldest reputed monthly publication in United States.
  • Scientific breakthroughs, discoveries and convincing theories.
  • Over 300 thousand active subscribers all around the world.
  • Better understanding about the trending scientific matters.
  • Develops rational thinking and curiosity.

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