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The Tablet Magazine
The Tablet Magazine
Subscrição anual: 52 Edições | Língua: Inglês | País: Reino Unido
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The Tablet Magazine Subscrição

The Tablet is a weekly magazine that covers all the important issues relating to current affairs, politics, social issues, literature and arts. The magazine has been acclaimed by many, for its sensitivity while dealing with social issues and other highly debated topics. The Tablet talks about current affairs and is perfect for those who want to be aware of their surroundings. Its emphasis on politics than on society and it often connects both these spheres of life. What readers ultimately get is an opinion which is non-biased and often challenges the conventional attitude. The Tablet has an editorial section and readers are given the option of sending in their views regarding it to the magazine. The magazine often prints the interesting articles of the readers in the next issue. It has classifieds, where they only feature advertisements from reliable sources. The Tablet also features puzzles which the readers can indulge in, to take some time off. There are book and art reviews, which help the reader to make the choice of the right one to buy.

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