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Wargames Illustrated Magazine
Wargames Illustrated Magazine
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Wargames Illustrated Magazine é uma revista inglesa publicada 12 vezes por ano. O preço de uma assinatura anual inclui a entrega em Portugal e sem renovação automática.
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War Games Illustrated is the premier magazine for table top gamers. This magazine has been in distribution for over twenty-years and it has enjoyed a huge readership and gaming following. The magazine is proud to claim its 300th issue and this issue will be over 300 pages of games, contests, and the best in “Last Stands and Against the Odds”. There are eighteen articles on war gaming heroics and desperate fights and the men who fought these battles. Read about Little Big Horn, Thermopylae and Camerone. You will be able to order these and work with unique figures using War Games Illustrated Magazine. There is a stage that contains six vignettes and in the magazine you get the historical background about the characters, moments, and incidents that make up each piece. Instructions are included. This is a very intriguing if somewhat disturbing magazine. I do know some who would absolutely love to read about all the history in the magazine.

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